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I started to see Linda when I was suffering from severe depression and had no idea how to pull myself out of it. When I called, she was so supportive and understanding, I knew this was the right move. Since then I have worked through many issues with Linda, I have still had my downs but mostly it has been ups. I am a completely different person to the girl that walked into the first session. With her help I feel much more confident and surer of myself and we have developed strategies to help me cope with the tough days. 2018 has been one of my worst years but I know it would have been a lot tougher without the sessions with Linda, so thank you for working your magic.

Teenage daughter: Linda was easy to talk to, and I found talking to her really helpful. The breathing exercise has been useful and I definitely feel that I have benefited from speaking to Linda.

Mum: I met Linda at a business meeting and later asked her whether she thought she could help my daughter with some issues which were causing a huge amount of stress at home. After just one session the difference is certainly noticeable! Linda was very calm, easy to talk to and explained clearly how she proposed to take things forward. It is reassuring to know that Linda is there if we need more support! Thank you Linda, you have no idea how much you have helped the whole of our family for which I am hugely grateful!

I have arachnophobia, and I’ve been obsessive about checking rooms for spiders in my house, hotels or rented holiday accommodation for many years. I would check all the corners in a room, look in and behind ornaments and have to either kill any spiders, or if really large ones, get my husband or sons to remove them. I live in the country and we have many spiders coming into my house.


I consulted with Linda for help and after only one session I have stopped checking rooms and have managed to use my downstairs toilet, knowing there was a spider in a web at the top of the window and not feel panic!


I would recommend Linda’s wonderful therapy to anyone.

Linda is fantastic to work with, she has a very calm and reassuring manner whilst being very nurturing. When working with Linda I feel confident and at ease to talk about anything and everything and I do.

I am going through some tricky life changes at the moment, health, job and family, and I need to refocus to start my new chapter.

Linda is helping me through a difficult time and adding joy and dare I say fun (with the optional job homework) if you want someone that will help you in a non-judgemental and supportive manner, someone who makes you feel special and important and you want to make a difference to you, then Linda is definitely for you, I highly recommend her.

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