Couples Therapy?

Introduction to couples therapy

Has your relationship hit a ‘rough patch’? Are you struggling to deal with conflict or differing opinions? Do you need help to reconnect and rediscover the friendship which attracted you to each other when you first met? Has your relationship come to an end and you need help dealing with your loss?
When a relationship breaks down, we can experience a torrent of emotions: anger, distrust, loneliness, guilt, sadness, rejection, jealousy, resentfulness, hurt. Couples don’t always find it easy to talk to each other, and this is where professional support can be invaluable.
My role is to help you to reconnect with each other, or, where the relationship is past repairing and has come to an end, to help make this parting as painless as possible, particularly if you have children. I will always remain neutral and will not take sides or act as a a referee. Sometimes I suggest seeing each partner on their own initially so that I can hear each person’s ‘story’ without judgment or interruptions from the other.
Fees for couples therapy: each joint session lasts for 90 minutes and costs £90, and individual sessions last an hour and cost £65. 

Norwich Hypnotherapist and Counselling

The evidence suggests that “the success or failure of a marriage depends not on whether there is conflict, but on how conflict is handled when it does occur.

Gottman, 2015