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I am an authorised Toolbox Practitioner

As promised, I thought I’d give you some more information about this beautifully practical, common sense approach to emotional wellbeing. The ‘Human Toolbox’, was founded by a psychotherapist called Lindy Wheeler, when she realised that ‘conventional’ counselling...

Embracing 2019

It’s been a while since my last blog so I thought I’d begin 2019 with my first resolution, to blog more frequently. So what have I been doing since September 2018? I was quite surprised when a colleague recently told me that we are fifty percent therapists and fifty...

Breathing for Anxiety.

7 - 11 Breathing I teach most of my clients a breathing technique which I have ‘borrowed’ from the Human Givens College. I usually demonstrate it the first time I meet a new client, particularly if they suffer from anxiety, stress, panic attacks, etc., as this simple...

I’m in the Golden Guide!

This is a free, glossy magazine which is delivered to houses within the 'Golden Triangle' of Norwich, and advertises local businesses. I know that asking for help is often the hardest thing for people who are feeling very low to do, but it's the first step to feeling...

Mindful Hobbies

I often talk to my clients about doing 'mindful hobbies', especially those suffering from depression and anxiety. So what do I mean by a 'mindful hobby', I can hear you asking! I mean something simple that you enjoy doing, that needs focused concentration, but is not...

More than half your body is not human!

Scientists believe they can understand how the brain works by researching the gut If you are a human being, you must read this article! Scientists are coming to the conclusion that our 'microbiome', the trillions of microbes...

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