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During my nurse training I discovered a love of anything to do with the mind; I actually considered transferring from paediatric to psychiatric nursing, and I knew that one day I would change direction and become a therapist. I loved my nursing career, and have brought a wealth of knowledge and transferrable skills with me.

I have personally and professionally used the techniques that I work with and I know that they are effective. I am qualified to use a variety of therapeutic skills, including Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Thought Field Therapy (TFT, commonly referred to as ‘tapping’), which means that I have several skills in my therapy ‘toolbox’, and am therefore able to choose which will suit you and which you will feel comfortable with.

I am a Human Toolbox Practitioner, which offers a practical, common sense approach to living our lives with balance, peace and contentment once we learn how to use the ‘tools’ we all have within us. (Please see blog for more information).

I am also qualified to use the ‘Rewind Technique’; a powerful, but relaxing technique used to treat trauma and phobias, often in only one session.

I use the ‘Human Givens’ (HG) approach to underpin my work; we must have our emotional needs met to be mentally healthy. I believe that we have the resources we need within us to make changes, but sometimes we need guidance to access them, and this is where I can help you.

These techniques work very well when used in conjunction with Hypnotherapy or as stand-alone therapies. New clients may be nervous when thinking about being hypnotised as they have only seen ‘stage’ hypnosis on the television, but this is not what I do, and I hope that the information I provide on my website will allay any concerns.

My Approach & Values

I genuinely believe that the best person to help you is someone who has experienced similar mental health issues, and, like many, I have suffered from periods of overwhelming depression and bereavement during my life. But we all react to similar experiences in different ways, and so it is important for me to treat each client as an individual and use whichever technique you feel most comfortable with. Often my clients simply need to be heard, acknowledged and accepted.

I love working with teenagers and young people as, having two teens of my own aged 19 and 16, I am aware of the pressures our young people are under, and why so many of them suffer from stress, anxiety and lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, which may lead to extreme behaviours such as self-harming, eating disorders, addiction and suicidal ideation. I believe that if we help them at a younger age, they will have the skills and confidence to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

I am fully insured and registered with the General Hypnotherapy Council and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, and in accordance with their policies, I have monthly meetings with my supervisor, who is himself an experienced therapist, and also attend a Peer Support Group each month. In addition, I believe it is vital to keep myself up to date, and undertake ‘Continuing Professional Development’, either in the form of further courses or reading.

During my previous career as a nurse; a paediatric nurse and a GP practice nurse, I gained a great deal of experience of working with patients of all ages, including young adults, teenagers and children. I was the Lead Nurse for Sexual Health at a GP Practice and also worked at a University Medical Centre with a large student population.

My Experience

My skills and experience come from not only the qualifications I have gained, but also from thirty three years as a nurse and over fifty years as a human being!


My Education

1989: Registered General and Sick Children’s Nurse
2000: Registered Midwife
2017: Diploma in Hypnotherapy
2017: Certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming
2017: Certificate in Thought Field Therapy (Algorithms)
2018: HG certificate: Effective brief psychotherapy
2018: HG certificate: How to make counselling more effective
2018: HG certificate: Understanding Anxiety
2018: HG certificate: How to break the cycle of depression
2019: Human Toolbox Practitioner Training
2019: Uncommon Knowledge certificates
         – The Rewind Technique
         – How to Lift Depression Fast
         – How to Lift Low Self Esteem

The good life is a process, not a state of being.  It is a direction, not a destination.

Carl Rogers

Helping you to Change your Mind

Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP),
Thought Field Therapy, Coaching and Counselling for Norwich & Norfolk

Linda Oram Hypnotherapy Therapies Norwich, is register with EAIH
Linda Oram Hypnotherapy Therapies Norwich, is register with GHR
Linda Oram Hypnotherapy Therapies Norwich, is register with CNHC
Linda Oram Hypnotherapy Therapies Norwich, is register with TFT

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