Happy New Year everyone – or is it? We are living under Lockdown 3 restrictions and today is ‘Blue Monday’, the most depressing day of the year – or is it?
Personally I’m using all my coping strategies to stay positive, and since New Year, I’ve been mindfully incorporating new habits that had been ‘forgotten’ with the busy lifestyle that I had been leading; walking, reading, meditating, trying new recipes for healthy meals, drinking more water, switching off the television and playing boardgames with my family, etc.. I’m not one for making or sticking to new year resolutions, so please don’t think it’s been easy, but I’m determined to gain something positive from being ‘locked in’. 
So how are you coping? So many of us are finding this third lockdown much harder than the first two; the winter weather has certainly added to our feelings of isolation, not to mention struggles with working and studying from home, financial worries, home-schooling our children, boredom, lack of contact with friends and family, etc., so no wonder our mental health is suffering. If you are feeling like this, please be reassured that you are not alone; this is what I’m hearing everyday.
Some of you may have seen the testimonial from a client of mine that I posted on Facebook and Instagram, explaining how positive he has found our Zoom sessions together, and in case you didn’t see it, here it is:

“When the first lockdown was announced way back in March 2020, I was very concerned that my weekly sessions with Linda would have to stop. Thankfully after only a short break Linda decided to offer her clients sessions via Zoom and I accepted. Although Zoom is now used to facilitate all types of virtual meetings, back then it was still something new that few people had heard of. 
After the initial setup ensuring that everything worked OK and that we could see and hear each other, our Zoom sessions soon became a new ‘normal’. Thanks to Linda I very quickly found myself comfortable and relaxed in this new environment finding our sessions as helpful and supportive as the old face to face ones. 
In these very difficult and stressful times I would advice anyone who needs help but is concerned about therapy online please do give it a try. Linda is skilled in recreating the therapy room environment within Zoom and is as always calm and understanding. I have found no difference in the effectiveness of the therapy provided by Linda online as compared to when we used to meet face to face. 
I will certainly be continuing my Zoom sessions throughout this new lockdown and I have no hesitation at all in recommending that you do give them a try. You will not regret it.”