Update from the Garden Therapy Room – August 2023

I’ve been working in my garden therapy room for two and a half years now, and both myself and my clients love it!

It is a lovely comfortable and peaceful space, except for the sound of the birds, and my clients love the connection with nature that a garden therapy room provides. It is the same silver-grey colour as the one above, slightly smaller, but fully insulated and double glazed, with a mirror film on the windows, ensuring that my clients can’t be seen or overheard. 

NB: I have finally removed the screen that kept us safe during Covid times, but I always ensure that my therapy room is well ventilated between clients.


I’ve bought a garden therapy room!

In these uncertain times, it became apparent that I was going to have to make some changes in order to continue safely seeing clients face to face, and I think you’ll agree that moving my therapy room into the garden seems to be the best option.

My new garden room will be similar to the one above, albeit slightly smaller, but large enough for social distancing, and will include a large screen between us to eliminate the need for masks. It will be the same lovely silver-grey colour, and will be fully insulated and double glazed so that conversations cannot be overheard. 

I often talk to clients about the human need to be connected with nature, and I think my garden room will fulfil this need, even more than my current therapy room. I love our  small city garden, particularly the abundance of colour in the plants we have chosen, and as a fairly new gardener, I am excited about adding new plants to the garden and soft furnishings to my new office to create a beautiful, peaceful place, which will allow clients to reconnect with nature, whilst being conducive to therapy.

Unfortunately it won’t be arriving for a few weeks so please bear with me; it’ll be worth waiting for! I am very excited about making plans to redesign our garden and ensure that it will be a private, comfortable environment to continue therapy sessions together. 

The only problem will be keeping my teenage son out of it as he is thinking ‘den’!

Thanks to Josh at https://scottsheds.com/ for his help and advice; as soon as possible please Josh, my clients need me!

Until the next update, stay safe,

Linda x