Most of the clients I see suffer from anxiety and low self esteem; in fact, almost every email, text or phonecall I receive from a potential new client uses the word ‘anxiety’, and underlying this anxiety is usually a very low self esteem. Hypnotherapy is such an effective therapy to use with this particularly debilitating mental health problem.

Anxiety is a feeling which originates in our unconscious mind, in response to our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and behaviours. When you are suffering from overwhelming anxiety, or panic attacks in it’s extreme form, you are on alert, ready to fight or flee, to keep yourself safe. The first thing I will do is to calm you down using relaxation techniques, which allows your ‘emotional brain’ to take a rest and work with you rather than against you.

Often, a client has experienced a deeply traumatic event or series of events, such as a difficult childhood, relationship breakdown, bereavement or bullying, and may have been encouraged to talk about these distressing experiences, over and over, which embeds them firmly and may even re-traumatise them each time they are discussed. The past needs to be acknowledged and then put firmly in the past, and using a relaxing procedure called the Rewind Technique, these feelings can be re-processed, and leave the client with a sense of peace.

Some clients experience anxiety when they think of the future, and the ‘what if’, or ‘worst case’ scenario, and the anxious thoughts go round and round until we think we are going mad! Don’t worry, you’re not! Your mind is simply trying to protect you and you are behaving perfectly ‘normally’, until we change this unhelpful pattern of thinking. Hypnotherapy and talking therapies can help to make lasting changes and rebuild your belief in yourself.

So if you’ve been struggling with anxiety or panic, why not book a free half hour appointment with me to see how hypnotherapy can help you.

Until next time, Linda