Update by Linda Oram, August 2023

Well, who knew that just over a year after writing this blog, the world would be hit by the Covid Pandemic…

Like so many others, my therapy business took a huge hit from the lockdowns; all my sessions had to go online, which was extremely hard for many of my clients, as telling your innermost thoughts and deepest feelings to your therapist over Zoom was not always easy. It did mean, however, that I could see clients from further afield, but, if I’m honest, I still prefer seeing my clients ‘in person’, and I’m happy to say that I am now busier than ever and very well established.

As I said in 2019, a great deal of work goes on behind the scenes. I still employ Linda Garrould to ensure that my website works effectively, and she still has to ‘chivvy me along’ at times! Although over two thirds of my business comes from personal recommendations, many clients still find me from good old Google!

I continue to have regular Supervision, both individual and peer groups, and still attend ‘networking’ meetings, mainly for support and friendship; as many of you will appreciate, it can be quite lonely ‘working from home’ by yourself.

I have even recently talked to the new group of therapy students who are just about to qualify, about the steep learning curve I went through myself, setting up a new business with absolutely no business knowledge or experience beforehand! I have surprised myself at how much I have learnt, and am even considering offering ‘business mentorship’ to new therapists… watch this space!


It’s been a while since my last blog so I thought I’d begin 2019 with my first resolution, to blog more frequently. So what have I been doing since September 2018?

I was quite surprised when a colleague recently told me that we are fifty percent therapists and fifty percent marketing/advertising managers, as I had seen myself as just a therapist, so with this in mind, I’ve been beavering away behind the scenes, making lots of changes.

Firstly, I’ve employed a web and SEO expert, Linda Garrould, for a more professional and functional website, which is still a work in progress despite Linda’s best efforts to chivvy me along; I still spend much of my time ‘doing’ therapy with clients. I have also used the professional services of Pippa Shaw of Pink Spaghetti PA Services, for a re-design of my social media, Facebook and Instagram, and hope you will agree that her lessons have improved the look of both.

If you’ve had a chance to take a peek at my website, you will have noticed some new photographs of me and my therapy room. These are courtesy of Wendy Aiken Photography; I didn’t make it easy for her as I prefer to be behind the lens, but I’m really happy with the great job she managed, despite my terrified grimaces.

I’ve also been doing some online courses and reading to keep up to date, and have booked a couple of courses in the next few weeks, which I will update you on soon. I regularly attend business network meetings, including Women in Rural Enterprise (WiRE) and Her Business Revolution, where I have met like-minded business women who have been a great source of support, knowledge and friendship.

So it’s probably safe to say that without my newly discovered business skills, I would be sitting alone in my therapy room, expecting clients to simply appear. Instead, I have several new clients and am looking forward to 2019, with whatever it brings. Good, or not so good, I know I will be able to cope, with the amazing support of my husband (he told me to write this!) and my close circle of family and friends.I have more plans for the coming months so check back soon.

Until next time x